Keep your feline kid occupied with a large cat tree


72-inch-cat-tree-condo-for-large-cats-or-kittens-faux-fur-tall-scratching-postIf you love your cat then you must know that an energetic cat can be extremely restless and can spew a lot of destruction around the house. And if by chance you prefer to display your valuable artifacts and expensive China in open shelves you may well be at your wits end trying to save them when your cat is trying to have an interesting time around the house and expending its energy. We have a better idea; why not invest your money in a large cat tree?

Here is a guide to look out for when you shop for a cat tree:

  1. The size of your furry companion;
  2. The space available at your home to accommodate the large cat tree;
  3. Your budget;
  4. The material used for the cat tree;
  5. The creativity quotient in the cat tree. It means that it must be good enough to attract the kitty and keep it interested in it for some years to come.



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